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2 hours IRS education credits for webinar Enrolled Agent Exam Training Course
2 hours IRS education credits for webinarEnrolled Agent Exam Training Course

Complete and return the 10 question test to receive 2 continuing education credits for Enrolled Agents and other IRS enrolled tax preparers.  Program sponsored by The Tax Network.

3 locations planned for 2018! Las Vegas, Costa Mesa, CA, and San Diego.  Go to www.LisaIhm.com for tentative dates. Registration will open in March.



Tax Cuts and Jobs Act:  What You Need to Know Now!!! Correcting Depreciation - Form 3115 Line-By-Line
Tax Cuts and Jobs Act: What You Need to Know Now!!!Correcting Depreciation - Form 3115 Line-By-Line

Please note - Additional fee for continuing education credit provided through The Tax Network. Add that additional item to your shopping cart if you want CPE credit. Tax reform legistration has been signed into law and your clients are calling...

Have you ever had a client who was not depreciating their rental property? Or one who was depreciating the land as well as the building? First instinct is to file an amended return, but that is not the correct or most advantagous way to correct...